75% Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes Bag (40 wipes per bag)

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Hand, Body, and Surface Cleaning: Disinfect your hands, body, hard surfaces, and other everyday objects with 75% alcohol cleaning wipes in a handy, totable, resealable bag. Leave it at home or work, or take it on the go for quick and convenient sanitation. Once you€„¢re done, dispose of the used wipe and reseal the bag for future use.These alcohol cleaning wipes require neither soap nor water to achieve a 99% sterilization rate, delivered via saturated, soft fabric texture, leaving all treated areas incredibly clean and free from irritation.Features:Resealable bag: The label flap reseals after opening to keep wipes saturated and ready for use long after the bag has first been opened.Active ingredient: Alcohol, 75% Soft surface for skin contact: Wipes are made of soft cotton spunlace fabric to be soft to the touch and wipe without any irritation or injury whatsoever.Multiple uses: Perfect for cleaning your face, hands, body, along with everyday objects like phones, keys, tableware, work surfaces, toys, and electronics.Antimicrobial properties: These wipes boast a 99.99% sterilization rate on skin and hard surfaces to effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria