Bulk Orders

Contact Us for Bulk Orders Over $5K 

Are you ordering bulk quantities of PPE exceeding $5,000 for your business or organization? Please contact our office directly for assistance handling your order, or fill out the form below and someone from our Sales Team will be in touch with you. You will find the best support regarding product availability, pricing, and order information by working directly with a member of our Sales Team. Receive personalized attention as we work with you to get you what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service, as well as a quick turnaround time during these difficult times. We pledge to supply your organization with much needed PPE as quickly as possible, and in maintaining direct contact, we can work with you on pre-ordering larger quantities for a greater value. 

Current Online Payment Policies 

We continue to make improvements to our website every day, and we soon hope to accommodate larger wholesale order sizes to streamline your shopping experience. 

Currently, our website can accept orders up to $5,000, and payment is accepted via PayPal, credit card, or bank wire transfer/(TT) payment. If you plan to pay via wire transfer, please note that your order will not be shipped until the transfer has been completed, following receipt of your routing information. Keep shopping if you expect your order to fall below $5,000.

Please direct any comments and questions to our sales office. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated as we strive to improve our website to offer you the best experience possible!