Travel Size 75% Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes Canister (60 Wipes)

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Clean Your Skin, Hand, Body, Surface, and Objects: Use this resealable canister of 75% alcohol disinfecting cleaning wipes to clean your hands, skin, body, hard surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom, and everyday objects. These wipes are safe for use on electronics like smartphones and tablets. The wipes are stored in a handy resealable canister, keeping the wipes saturated and ready for immediate use any time after the canister is originally opened. Keep it in the stock cupboard for quick sanitizing of shared surfaces, kitchen counters, bathroom appliances, and all other appliances in our household or office. Once you're done, dispose of the used wipe and reseal the canister for later use.These alcohol cleaning wipes require neither soap nor water to achieve a 99% sterilization rate, delivered via saturated, soft fabric texture, leaving all treated areas incredibly clean and free from irritation.Features:Resealable canister: Keep wipes saturated and ready for use long after the canister has first been opened.Active ingredient: Ethanol alcohol, 75% v/vSoft surface for skin contact: Wipes are made of soft cotton spunlace fabric to be soft to the touch and wipe without any irritation or injury whatsoever